Shorts by Sav was founded by Sav Toporek originally in 2015, and has since been brought back to life. We upcycle secondhand denim and other materials into new fashion and home goods - with sustainability first of priority. 

99% of our materials are secondhand - everything we produce, outside of the decals on our tees are secondhand. Textile waste is one of the leading polluters across the globe, and it is a part of our mission to create new fashion from materials that already exist. 

Shorts by Sav - OG

Shorts by Sav was originally founded in 2015 in by Sav Toporek while she was in high school in Fort Wayne, IN. It started as a way for her to play around with design and create her own clothes for herself. Quickly her shorts became popular around her school and around the town, and she launched an Instagram page (the same page used today) to expand her sales. 

Shorts by Sav 2.2

The relaunch of Shorts by Sav came to fruition while Sav was doing her 2/2/22 manifesting. She wanted to take all of the original Shorts by Sav elements, but launch it into a cohesive, and much more organized brand. Oh & in between high school & now she received two business degrees - making her a helluva lot more qualified. And finally - on 2/22/22 at 2:22pm, Shorts by Sav 2.2 was officially relaunched, and it’s better than ever baby 💫